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Annotation 220.0598

220.0598 Rescission. When an assessor recognizes a rescission of an installment sale contract, the former base year value is enrolled as of the following lien date. Although the notice to rescind may be recorded in February, prior to the delivery of the assessment roll to the auditor on July 1, property taxes become fixed as of the prior January 1 lien date. The July 1 date is simply a deadline for completion of the roll and has no bearing on the tax liability that becomes final on the lien date prior to the rescission.

Additionally, an assessor has no authority to make a supplemental assessment to reinstate the original base year value because supplemental assessments may be made only upon the occurrence of a reappraisable event (i.e., change in ownership or new construction). A rescission is not a reappraisable event; it merely restores the parties to their positions prior to the contract. C 2/8/2001. (2002-1).