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Annotation 220.0547

220.0547 Possessory Interests. A taxable possessory interest consisting of a month-to-month tenancy in tax exempt real property is renewed each month that no notice to terminate is given. See Civil Code section 1946. C 7/24/1995.

220.0548 Possessory Interests. The filing of proof of labor with the government in conjunction with mining claims does not transfer a present interest including the beneficial use thereof that is equivalent to the fee interest or create, renew, or extend a possessory interest. By expending labor, money, and filing proof of such, the claim holder unilaterally perpetuates his possessory interest in the claim. The scope of the right does not change, no new rights are created, and merely a condition for continuation of the right acquired when the claim was filed has been satisfied. LTA 6/8/1982 (No. 82/77).