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Annotation 220.0536

220.0536 Partnership Merger. Two California general partnerships each own real property in California and are both owned in identical proportions by the same family members. The family proposes to merge the two entities by (1) transferring the partnership interests from Partnership D to Partnership P in exchange for additional partnership interests in P, and (2) dissolving Partnership D and distributing all of its assets to Partnership P. Since this appears to constitute a statutory partnership conversion or merger as defined by Corporations Code section 16909 or 16914, there is no change in ownership because there is no transfer of the property from one partnership to another. If no transfer occurred, there is no need to apply the exclusion of Revenue and Taxation Code section 62(a)(2), the triggering event for the application of Revenue and Taxation Code section 64(d), and there is, therefore, no "original co-owner" designation. If, however, the transfer does not constitute a statutory conversion or merger, the transfer would be excluded under section 62(a)(2), resulting in an "original co-owner" designation for purposes of subsequent transfers. C 1/22/2002.