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Annotation 220.0529

220.0529 Partnership—Deed Presumption. In order to prove that the property was owned by a partnership, rather than as tenants in common, evidence may be presented to the assessor to rebut the deed presumption under Rule 462.200(b). Evidence such as of the use of a joint checking account for property-related expenses, affidavits from an accountant and former alleged partners, and partnership tax returns may be provided. The evidence should show the percentage of ownership interest of each partner in the partnership's capital and profits. Further, in determining whether a partnership is formed, the intention of the parties is the ultimate test. The parties need not designate their relationship as a partnership. The intent of the parties can be deduced from the partnership agreement as well as the surrounding circumstances. If a formal partnership agreement did not exist, the intent to form a partnership must be demonstrated by evidence such as the alleged partners' conduct, transactions, and declarations such as use of a joint checking account and affidavits. Thus, if the assessor is satisfied that the evidence presented provides clear and convincing evidence that the tenants in common were partners, the assessor may find that the property was beneficially owned by the partnership. C 5/4/2007.