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Annotation 220.0528

220.0528 Partnership – Death of Partner. AB Partnership in California general partnership owned 75 percent by A through his revocable living trust and 25 percent by B through his revocable living trust. Similarly, BA Partnership is so also owned 49 percent by A and 51 percent by B. Upon A's death, A's trust became irrevocable and his partnership interests transferred to the beneficiaries of A's trust. Unless there is an applicable exclusion, there was a change in ownership of the property (including any partnership interests) in A's Trust on the date of A's death when his trust became irrevocable and A's beneficiary(ies) became the owners.

As to AB Partnership, there is a change in control under Revenue and Taxation Code section 64(c)(1) because of the transfer of A's majority (75 percent) interest, unless 1) the beneficiary is A's spouse, or 2) the beneficiaries are two or more persons and the partnership agreement required continuation with A's beneficiaries as partners.

As to BA Partnership, the transfer of A's minority (49 percent) interest to his beneficiary(ies) is excluded from change in ownership under Revenue and Taxation Code section 64(a), since the total interest transferred did not exceed 50 percent. C 7/13/1999.