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Annotation 220.0507

220.0507 Partnership. A transfer of real property by partnership A to partnership B which is owned 50 percent by A and 50 percent by Corporation X constitutes a 100 percent change in the ownership of the property transferred. Because of the legal entity theory adopted by the Legislature, the 50 percent ownership held by partnership A in partnership B does not limit reappraisal to 50 percent of the property. The transfer does not result merely in a change in the manner of holding title and proportional ownership does not remain the same after the transfer.

Partnership B now owns and controls the property. Had partnership A retained a 50 percent interest in the property, it could control that interest. As the property is now owned by partnership B, it must be used only for B's purposes. The fact that A could have transferred a 50 percent interest and thereby limited reappraisal to the interest transferred is immaterial. A chose to transfer total ownership of the property and must accept the tax consequences of that decision. C 2/18/1986.