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Annotation 220.0505

220.0505 Partnership. A mother and her three sons are "original co-owners" (Property Tax rule 462(j)(2)(b)) of a partnership's interests. The mother transfers 49 1/2 percent of the interests to several people, none of whom thereby obtain control of the partnership. Two of the sons then wish to have their spouses, who are community property co-owners of the sons' original interests in the partnership, recognized as individual owners of halves of the community interests.

Since the mother did not transfer more than 50 percent of the total partnership interest, no change of ownership occurred. The subsequent recognition of the sons' spouses' interests did not raise the mother's 49 1/2 percent transfer to more than 50 percent. The spouses already owned their interests, which were simply converted from community property to separate property status. C 9/24/1990.