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Annotation 220.0482

220.0482 Partnership. A change in ownership of X Partnership property, land and buildings, occurs on the transfer of the majority partner's 70 percent interest of both capital and profits in X Partnership, held in Y Partnership 67.5 percent by an individual, 9 percent by his wholly-owned corporation, and 23.5 percent by others, to a new limited partnership in which the individual holds 7.8 percent, his wholly-owned corporation holds .592 percent, his revocable trust hold 60 percent, and others hold 31.608 percent, even though before and after the transfer, the individual owned a majority capital and income interest in the Y Partnership/limited partnership and had the actual authority to control the management and operation of the X Partnership property. Upon the transfer to the limited partnership, there is a change in control of the X Partnership property within the meaning of Revenue and Taxation Code section 64(c) since the limited partnership, an unrelated entity, obtains more than a 50 percent interest in X Partnership. And the transfer is not excluded by Revenue and Taxation Code section 62(a) since the proportional interests of the transferor partners and transferee partners are not the same after the transfer. C 6/3/1986.