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Annotation 220.0460

220.0460 Partition. The exclusion of divisions of properties giving separate title to persons who previously held undivided interests therein from the meaning of "change in ownership" in Revenue and Taxation Code section 62(a) is applicable only to transfers of interests held in tenancy in common or in joint tenancy.

In order to determine whether or not the same proportional interest exists after the transfer, it is necessary to establish and compare the market value of each property that has been created by the transfer. For example, if a two-acre parcel being held jointly is split into two separately held one-acre parcels, the value of each one-acre parcel, as a separate unit, must be determined and the two values compared.

While the specific language of the statute would indicate that any change in the proportional interests would trigger a reappraisal, the assessor can exercise his judgment in making the value comparison. In our opinion, a change in proportional interest of less than 5 percent could be construed as no change in ownership following the same principle applicable to transfers of undivided interests of less than 5 percent (Revenue and Taxation Code section 65(b)).

If it is determined that a change in proportional interests has occurred, the interest transferred is subject to revaluation. LTA 5/16/1980 (No. 80/84).