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Annotation 220.0433

220.0433 Mobilehome Park. A mobilehome park was built with 171 lots, and some lots were purchased by tenants. Thereafter, a company that is neither a tenant of the park nor an entity formed and owned by the tenants of the park proposed to acquire the remaining lots with the intention of selling the lots to the remaining individual tenants. In order for both the transfer to this company and the subsequent transfers to the individual tenants of the park to be excluded from change in ownership, within 36 months after the transfer to this company at least 51 percent of the mobilehome park rental spaces must be transferred within a one year period to the individual tenants of those spaces in a transaction excluded from change in ownership by Revenue and Taxation Code section 62.1(b).

The tenants who previously purchased their lots are no longer considered "tenants renting their spaces," nor are the lots they purchased "rental spaces." For purposes of satisfying the "51 percent" requirement, such residents would not be included in the calculation.

The legislative repeal of the January 1, 2000, sunset date in section 62.1(b) means that the exemption continues for years after 1999 and eliminates the cut-off date for tenants to purchase their units after a qualifying transfer to 51 percent of the tenants under that section. C 6/3/1999.