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Annotation 220.0428

220.0428 Mobilehome Park. On the transfer of a mobilehome park to the city in which it is located, the property becomes exempt from property taxation pursuant to Revenue and Taxation Code section 202(a)(4). Since the transfer does not come within any change in ownership exclusion, the assessor should appraise the property to obtain a base year value for future use. This value and the exemption should be enrolled.

If the city sells spaces to individual tenants during the period January 1, 1985, and January 1, 1994, if at least 51 percent of the spaces are purchased by persons renting their spaces prior to purchase, and if the tenants form, within one year after the first purchase of a space by a tenant, a resident organization referred to in Health and Safety Code section 50781, the city transfers would be excluded from change in ownership (Revenue and Taxation Code section 62.1(b)). The base year value established at the time of the transfer to the city would be used.

The requirement that 51 percent of the spaces be purchased by tenants renting their spaces prior to purchase does not mean that a person had to be a tenant prior to the date on which title to the property transferred to the city, only that he or she was a tenant prior to purchasing the rented space. C 8/13/1992.