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Annotation 220.0427

220.0427 Mobilehome Park. A transfer of a mobilehome park to a tenant-owned, non-profit corporation between January 1, 1985 and January 1, 1989, is excluded from change in ownership. A similar transfer on or after January 1, 1989, is also excluded if tenants who were renting at least 51 percent of the spaces prior to the transfer own at least 51 percent in the entity acquiring the park.

If a transfer of a mobilehome park is excluded from change in ownership, above, but has not been converted to condominium, stock cooperative, or limited equity cooperative ownership, transfers after January 1, 1989, of voting stock or membership-ownership interests in the corporation requires a reappraisal of a pro-rata (as defined in Revenue and Taxation Code section 62.1(c)(2)) portion of the park's real property unless the transfers of the individual ownership interests are for the purpose of converting the park to one of the entities mentioned herein or is excluded from change in ownership by Revenue and Taxation Code sections 62, 63, or 63.1.

The cancellation of a stock certificate and the issuance of a new one to reflect the movement of a tenant from one space to another in a mobilehome park is not a transfer of a property interest but merely a substitution of one ownership indicia for another.

Transfers of spaces in a mobilehome park, as contrasted with transfers of ownership interests in the entity owning the mobilehome park, are excluded from change in ownership if made during the period January 1, 1985, to January 1, 1994, provided the conditions contained in Revenue and Taxation Code section 62.1(b) are met. C 8/7/1991.