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Annotation 220.0420

220.0420 Missing Person. Where a person disappears on August 19, 1975, a change in ownership of real property occurs on that date, August 19, 1982, or some date in between depending upon whether there is evidence to rebut the presumption that the person lived for seven years after his disappearance.

Evidence Code section 667 provided that "a person not heard from in seven years is presumed to be dead." As a general rule, it is presumed that life continues throughout the entire period of seven years (People v. Niccoli, 102 Cal.App.2d 814). Such presumption of life may be overcome, however, by evidence that the missing person was subjected to some specific peril, illness or other circumstances sufficient to justify the inference of death prior to seven years following the person's disappearance. Such evidence need be only of such character as to make it more probable than not that the person died at a particular time (Estate of Christin, 128 Cal.App. 625).

Each case of disappearance has its own individual facts and thus affords no precedent for a case of disappearance under different facts. C 3/29/1985.