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Annotation 220.0391

220.0391 Limited Partnership. A change in ownership occurs in partnership real property when a person obtains a majority ownership interest in the partnership pursuant to Revenue and Taxation Code section 64(c). With respect to corporate legal entities, section 64(c) speaks of obtaining "control through direct or indirect ownership or control of more than 50 percent of the voting stock of any corporation" and "any purchase or transfer of 50 percent or less of the ownership interest through which control .... is obtained."" In this context, "control" is used in reference to control of the units of ownership, not with reference to control over the management of the entity's property. Thus, in a limited partnership, when a general partner who owns 1 percent of the partnership interests obtains an additional 96 percent interest from a limited partner, the property owned by the partnership undergoes a change in ownership because, as a result of the transfer, that partner obtained a majority ownership interest. Whether an ownership interest is a general partnership interest or a limited partnership interest is irrelevant in analyzing property tax limited partnership change in ownership situations. What is relevant is the percentage of ownership acquired or transferred. The degree of ownership is determined by the direct or indirect ownership of the interests in the partnership capital and profits. C 8/10/2000.