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Annotation 220.0389

220.0389 Limited Partnership. A and B are equal beneficiaries, co-trustors, and co-trustees of a revocable trust which operates and is taxed as a partnership. Trust owns two parcels of real property and 100 percent of Corporation, which owns two additional parcels. To consolidate title under one entity, Corporation creates a wholly-owned subsidiary; and Trust and Subsidiary form Limited Partnership to which Corporation then transfers its two parcels and Trust transfers its two parcels in exchange for proportional interests in the Limited Partnership capital and profits. Each transfer is excluded from change in ownership under Revenue and Taxation Code section 62(a)(2), because the proportional interests of the underlying owners in each parcel are exactly the same following the transfer. The step transaction doctrine does not apply even though there are two separate transfers using the section 62(a)(2) exclusion, since the proportional ownership interests in the real property remain the same. C 12/20/1990; C 7/31/1995; C 12/19/1996.