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Annotation 220.0388

220.0388 Limited Partnership. If an individual transfers real property to a limited partnership in which the individual is the general partner and in which an irrevocable trust is the limited partner, the transfer will be excluded from change in ownership if the individual is also the income beneficiary of the trust. In the case of a similar transfer to a limited partnership by spouses who hold title as joint tenants or tenants in common, such a transfer will be excluded if the spouses become general partners and receive capital and profits interests in the same proportions as they held in the real property and if the spouses are also the sole income beneficiaries of the limited partner trust in the same proportion as the interests each held in the real property. If, however, the trustee in either case has the discretion or obligation to pay income to persons other than or in addition to the individual or spouses or to pay income to the spouses in proportions different than the interests each held in the real property, Revenue and Taxation Code section 62(a)(2) is inapplicable, notwithstanding the fact that the trust terminates in less than 12 years and the property reverts to the trustor/individual or trustors/spouses. Section 62(a)(2) requires exactitude, and coming close to identical proportionality is not sufficient.

If the spouses hold title to the real property as community property, then the transfer is excluded if either spouse becomes a general partner, as long as the partnership interest is held as community property. In such case, they would still be required to be the sole income beneficiaries of the trust. Conversely, if one spouse holds title to the real property as his or her separate property, then the transfer would be excluded only if that spouse and the trust are the only partners and if that spouse is the sole income beneficiary of the trust. C 3/31/1992.