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Annotation 220.0376

220.0376 Limited Liability Company. An irrevocable trust that has three equal, individual present beneficiaries holds title to real property. The trust forms a limited liability company (LLC) and contributes cash to the LLC in exchange for a 100 percent membership interest in the LLC. The trust then forms a limited partnership and contributes the real property owned by the trust to the partnership in exchange for a 99 percent limited partnership interest. The LLC contributes cash to the partnership in exchange for a 1 percent general partnership interest.

For change in ownership purposes, the present beneficiary of an irrevocable trust is considered to be the owner of the present beneficial interest in property held by the trust. Before the transfer, three beneficiaries each owned a one-third interest in the Trust property. After the transfer, each beneficiary will own a one-third interest in the property as a result of their respective one-third interest in the partnership and their one-third membership interest in the LLC. Therefore, the transfer of the trust property to the partnership is proportional and excluded from reassessment pursuant to Revenue and Taxation Code section 62(a)(2). C 11/7/2006.