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Annotation 220.0375.015

220.0375.015 Limited Liability Company. A single member limited liability company (LLC) must be treated as a separate legal entity for property tax purposes, with transfers of membership interests in the LLC subject to the provisions of Revenue and Taxation Code section 64(a) et seq. Similarly, transfers of real property to or from a single-member LLC are changes in ownership of the interests transferred, unless the transfers are excluded under a specific statutory provision. Even though the single member LLC may be disregarded for federal tax reporting purposes and its profits and losses reported on the individual member's tax return, its affairs are governed by all of the formalities imposed on all other legal entities (e.g., corporations, partnerships, etc.). Its articles of organization and its operating agreement determine who the members are, the extent of the interests they own, the activities it conducts, and the terms of its future dissolution. An LLC acquires its separate existence as a legal entity once its articles of organization are filed and its operating agreement executed. How its federal or state income taxes are reported on various returns has no bearing on the legal recognition of a properly formed LLC (single member or otherwise). C 2/15/2000.