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Annotation 220.0374

220.0374 Life Estate. When a "lease" specifies two seemingly contradictory terms—(1) the life of lessee plus 90 days, and (2) an ending date of March 31, 2031 (a term of 34 years and 11 months), the intent of the parties must be analyzed. If the language imposing conditions places burdens on the life tenant which do not invalidate the grant of a life estate and the term of the estate is otherwise indefinite, then the term of the estate survives until the life tenant's death and hence, indicates the creation of a life estate. However, where the language of the creating instrument manifests an intention by the parties to create a landlord/tenant relationship rather than a life estate, and the term of the estate is definite, specifying a date as well as breach provisions for the termination or forfeiture of the estate even though the life tenant is still alive, then these and other provisions indicate that the parties established a leasehold estate, rather than a life estate. C 7/17/1998.