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Annotation 220.0372.005

220.0372.005 Life Estate. Mother owned real property. At her death, the provisions of her will created a life estate in the property for her daughter. Upon termination of the life estate, the remainder interest would pass 50 percent to the daughter and 16.66 percent to each of the mother's three sons. After the mother's death, a parent-child claim for exclusion was properly filed thereby excluding the creation of the life estate in the daughter from change in ownership. Subsequently, the four siblings formed a corporation in which the four owned all the outstanding shares of the corporation. The daughter quitclaimed her life estate and her 50 percent remainder interest in the property to the corporation, and the three sons quitclaimed their remainder interests in the property to the corporation.

As the life tenant, the daughter was the primary owner of the entire property because a creation of a life estate meets the definition of change in ownership under Revenue and Taxation Code section 60. The three sons did not hold primary ownership interests in the property because they held future interests, not present interests, that vested upon termination of the life estate. Because the daughter owned a 100 percent interest prior to the transfer and a 50 percent interest after the transfer, the transfer to the corporation was not proportional and, thus, resulted in a 100 percent change in ownership. C 2/2/2005.