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Annotation 220.0356

220.0356 Leases/Subleases. A "pass-through" sublease is, in effect, an assignment of all the rights and obligations of the lessee/sublessor in the property to the sublessee. Though written as a sublease, all the rights and interests of the former lessee "pass through" to the new sublessee. The former lessee has nothing left except for one minimal right or interest, the right to hold the property one day longer than the sublessee, which distinguishes a sublease from outright assignment. Since the former lessee has, in effect, transferred the full value of its leasehold estate, the transfer is, in substance, an assignment, though, in form, it reads like a sublease.

The termination of a lease and sublease that have original and remaining terms, respectively, of 35 years or more results in a change in ownership pursuant to Revenue and Taxation Code section 61(c)(1), absent an applicable exclusion. However, the termination of such a lease and sublease in which the sublessee is a 100 percent-owned subsidiary of the owner of the property, resulting in the "return" of the lease/sublease to the owner, is excluded from change in ownership by Revenue and Taxation Code section 64(b). C 10/11/2000.