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Annotation 220.0354

220.0354 Leases. A financing lease is a type of purchase agreement whereby the seller (vendor) accepts periodic payments for the purchase price while retaining title to the property for security purposes. Possession of the property transfers to the lessee without full legal title until payment of the purchase price or on a predetermined date. The true owner of the property subject to a financing lease is considered to be the lessee, even though legal title to the property remains in the lessor for purposes of security, if at the time of entering into the agreement: (1) the parties have a fixed intention to buy and sell; and (2) the entire obligation to pay arises, payments being on a deferred basis; or (3) the lessee is under an economic compulsion to exercise the purchase option.

A "synthetic lease" is a financing agreement used to convey a security interest in real property in exchange for capital. A synthetic lease may be considered a finance lease if it satisfies the above elements. C 5/24/2005.