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Annotation 220.0352

220.0352 Leases. A lease with a term longer than 35 years, which includes an option for the lessee to terminate the lease within 3 years If lessee (1) has not obtained final, nonappealable governmental approvals regarding site and building plans and environmental reports or (2) is unable to obtain satisfactory financing for construction of the project, results in a change in ownership at the time the lease is executed. The lessee's option to terminate the lease does not diminish the creation of a leasehold interest for a term of 35 years or more at the time of the lease's execution as (1) the duration of the lease term expressed in the agreement was for a term of 35 years or more, (2) the beneficial interest in the property passed to the lessee, and (3) the obligations created by the option to terminate do not diminish the value of the lessee's equity in the property. C 3/17/2000.