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Annotation 220.0350

220.0350 Leases. A lease agreement for a term plus extension options of less than 35 years, but with a "conditional lease term extension" provision which, if the conditions were to occur and the option were to be exercised, would result in a total lease term exceeding 35 years, does not, upon execution of the lease, result in a change in ownership of the real property subject to the lease. At the inception of a lease agreement that includes a conditional option, the term of the conditional option should not be included when computing the lease term for purposes of change in ownership. However, upon the occurrence of any of the stated conditions, the conditional option in the lease becomes effective and, at that time, the term of the conditional option should be added to the lease term remaining. If that total period exceeds 35 years, then a change in ownership results at that time; and the entire property subject to the lease should be reappraised. C 2/18/1999.