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Annotation 220.0349

220.0349 Leases. Upon the sale or transfer of a home on leased land, if that home is eligible for the homeowners' exemption, the conclusive presumption of Revenue and Taxation Code sections 61(c) and 62(g) applies, with the result that the land lease is presumed to be for a term of 35 years; and a change in ownership of the land as well as the home occurs. Where there is no sale or transfer under Revenue and Taxation Code section 60, however, but the home merely becomes eligible for the homeowners' exemption and the conclusive presumption would apply, there is no change in ownership of the home or the land.

Hence, two separate events must occur in order to trigger reappraisal of such leased land: first, the home must be eligible for the homeowners' exemption (so that the conclusive presumption applies); and secondly, there must be a transfer of the home which meets the change in ownership definition under section 60. C/1/15/1999.