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Annotation 220.0334

220.0334 Leases. A nonprofit corporation owns land and a clubhouse which its members use for social and recreational purposes. A membership can be purchased for approximately $1,000. Some members own cabins on the property, but more have written or oral leases. All members pay fees sufficient to cover immediate expenses. Individual cabins can and have been sold, at which time the assessor has reappraised the cabin and a one acre homesite. The land is assessed to the corporation and the cabins are assessed on the unsecured roll to the individual owners.

It appears improper to conclude that the cabin owners have land leases or that the presumption concerning lease options contained in Revenue and Taxation Code section 61(c) is applicable. The land interests the cabin owners have appear sufficiently similar to life estates or interests held in cooperative housing corporations to qualify as changes in ownership of real property when transferred with a cabin. The transfer of a membership interest exclusive of the ownership of a cabin would also qualify for reappraisal; however, if the value of the interest as indicated by the membership purchase price is less than five percent of the value of the total property and less than $10,000, Revenue and Taxation Code section 65.1 would apply. C 6/30/1988.