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Annotation 220.0325

220.0325 Leases. A portion of a shopping center was leased to a major tenant for a term of 25 years plus two options to extend for successive periods of ten years each. During the twenty-first year of the original lease, the parties renegotiated and executed a modified lease which was substantially different than the original lease, so much so that the original lease should be considered terminated, resulting in a change in ownership.

The new lease was for seven years, with 20 years of optional extension periods plus an additional 20 years if the lessee agreed to construct certain improvements. During the fourth year of this lease the property was sold by the owner/lessor. It is arguable that because of the economic considerations the lessee will never construct the improvements required to obtain the 20 year extension.

The fact that a lease option is not likely to be exercised is not a basis for ignoring its existence; the law only requires that there be such an option. Including this 20 year period results in a leasehold of more than 35 years and thus, a change in ownership. When the property was sold, the portion subject to this new lease would be excluded from the remainder of the center that changed ownership on sale. C 5/10/1989.