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Annotation 220.0296

220.0296 Joint Tenancy. The definition of "original transferor" as "one or more persons who hold joint tenancy interests in property immediately after a complete turnover of the previous original owners occurs," refers only to the last paragraph of Revenue and Taxation Code section 65(a) and indicates that when all original transferors have terminated their interests, those persons who remain as joint tenants will be considered original transferors for the next series of transactions.

The definition does not affect the law as found in section 65, which provides that in order to be subject to the provisions of section 65, there first must be a section 62(f) exclusion. Without a section 62(f) exclusion as the foundation, the exclusions of section 65 simply cannot come into play, and the interest transferred will always be reappraised. C 3/11/1980.