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Annotation 220.0277

220.0277 Interspousal Transfers. Changes in ownership of real properties do not occur upon the transfers of the properties from Husband (H) and Wife (W), each with one-half community property interests in each parcel, to H's and to W's respective living trusts in which H and W are the respective sole present beneficiary (Revenue and Taxation Code section (d)); upon the transfers of the properties from H's and W's respective trusts to H's and W's separate California corporations wholly owned by each respective trust (Revenue and Taxation Code section 62(a)(2)); and upon the transfers of the properties from H's and W's corporations and from another California corporation that is a wholly-owned subsidiary of a corporation in which H and W are the sole shareholders with community property one-half stock interests therein to a new limited partnership formed by H and W (section 62(a)(2)). While the proportional ownership interests in the real property of each of the corporations (via their partnership interests) would be different after the transfers to the partnership than they would be prior to such transfers, proper application of section 62(a)(2) requires a determination of whether the proportionality of H's and W's ownership interests would remain the same after the transfers. As the sole present beneficiary of a trust is the sole beneficial owner of the real property for change in ownership purposes, where the owner of real property transfers it to a trust in which he or she is the sole present income beneficiary, the proportional ownership interest in the real property remains the same after the transfer for purposes of section 62(a)(2), i. e., the beneficiary is the sole beneficial owner of the property transferred before and after the transfer to the trust. Accordingly, since the proportional interests of H and W in each of the parcels of real property transferred to the newly formed partnership would remain the same after such transfers, section 62(a)(2) would apply to exclude such transfers from change in ownership. C10/30/1990.