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Annotation 220.0267

220.0267 Interspousal Transfer. Husband and wife jointly formed a revocable trust. Husband and wife executed a deed conveying their interest in real property from "community property with right of survivorship" to themselves as the trustees of the trust. Later, husband and wife, as trustees, transferred the property to a corporation in which 51 percent of the voting stock was held in wife's name and 49 percent of the voting stock was held in husband's name.

The transfer of the property to the corporation was a change in ownership pursuant to Revenue and Taxation Code section 61(j), unless husband and wife can provide clear and convincing evidence to establish that their voting shares in the corporation are community property. If the presumption that husband and wife own 49 percent and 51 percent of the corporation, respectively, is not rebutted, the proportional transfer exclusion of section 62(a)(2) will not apply. Also, the interspousal transfer exclusion of section 63 does not apply because the transfer to the corporation was not a transfer between spouses. C 5/31/2007.