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Annotation 220.0253

220.0253 Housing Cooperative. To take advantage of the exclusion from change in ownership in Revenue and Taxation Code section 62(i), a housing cooperative must show the assessor three things: (1) that the cooperative mortgage was insured under, or the cooperative was purchased, financed, or assisted by, funds from the applicable federal housing act or financed by a direct loan from the California Housing Finance Agency; (2) that the applicable government lender or insurer had approved regulatory and occupancy agreements; and (3) that the transfer is to the member household qualified for purchase by reason of limited income. If federal funding was not used to insure the cooperative mortgagee, or to purchase, finance or assist the cooperative and there was no loan from the California Housing Finance Agency, the transfer of stock or membership certificates is not eligible for exclusion under section 62(i). C 10/1/2001.