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Annotation 220.0196

220.0196 Estate for Years. (1) No change in ownership occurs when an owner transfers real property to the USA, but retains an estate for years of 25 years restricted to single family residential and livestock ranching, (2) Since there is no change in ownership, there is no taxable possessory interest in the transferor. The transfer of the estate for years to a third party, therefore, is not a transfer of nor is it the creation of a taxable possessory interest, nor is its transfer a change in ownership since the term is for less than 35 years. (3) The base year value of the property could be adjusted to reflect the loss of the right to put the property to a higher and better use provided it could be established as a factual matter that the base year value reflected a value for such right. (4) The restrictions on use contained in a deed conveying the property to the USA is an enforceable restriction within the meaning of Revenue and Taxation Code section 402.1. C 7/20/1995.