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Annotation 220.0165

220.0165 Easement. Under Revenue and Taxation Code section 65.1, a change in ownership in common areas occurs provided that the interests transferred meet the definition of a change in ownership and those areas are an appurtenance to other real property also experiencing a change in ownership. A parking lot easement that is nonexclusive is not reserved as an appurtenance to a building pad site in a shopping mall as required by section 65.1(b). Since such easement rights are nonexclusive, they are not substantially equal to the value of the fee interest and do not result in a change in ownership. However, section 65.1(b) does not preclude the pad site, upon change in ownership, from being valued to reflect the amenities and the enhancement afforded by the common area, including the parting lot. Even though the agreement provides that the company may obtain an exclusive right to those parking areas if certain provisions are met, that interest is merely contingent and does not represent a present interest in real property. C 7/19/2005.