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Annotation 220.0114

220.0114 Corporate Stock Transfers. Corporation A is owned 96.3 percent by Corporation B and 3.7 percent by individual Z. Corporation B is owned 99.5 percent by individuals X and Y and 0.5 percent by individual Z. Corporation B is merged into Corporation A by stock cancellations and transfers that will provide newly issued voting stock in Corporation A to the owners of Corporation B. After the merger, the former owners of Corporation B, X and Y, will retain their majority interest in and control of Corporation A through ownership of the newly issued voting stock in Corporation A.

The real property transferred from Corporation B to Corporation A as a result of the merger would undergo a change in ownership. After the merger, the proportional ownership interests of the transferors in the real property does not remain the same and, therefore, Revenue and Taxation Code section 62(a)(2) does not apply. Furthermore, the stock transfers do not constitute a reorganization of corporations in an affiliated group and, thus, the exclusion of section 64(b) is inapplicable. The corporations were not connected through stock ownership with a common parent corporation owning 100 percent of the voting stock prior to the merger. However, there is no change in ownership of the real property owned by Corporation A because that real property continues to be held by Corporation A and because Revenue and Taxation Code sections 61(b), 64(c), and 64(d) are inapplicable. C 5/18/1993.