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Annotation 220.0077

220.0077 Corporate Ownership. Generally, when property is transferred to a newly formed corporation in return for shares of stock, the corporation issues stock certificates certifying the transferor's ownership of the agreed to number of shares soon after the property is received. However, it is common for there to be some delay between the date that a new shareholder transfers property to a new corporation and the date the corporation issues the new stockholder's stock certificates. In such cases, issues may arise as to the time when a particular person became a shareholder. Traditionally, the courts have not looked solely to the date that stock certificates were issued to determine the date that a particular person became a shareholder in a new corporation because it is not necessary for a corporation to issue stock certificates in order for the corporation to make a person a shareholder. Instead, the courts have said that the time when a share of stock originally comes into existence, and is deemed issued, is controlled by the intent of the parties and is ascertained by examining the contract which they have executed concerning such issue. C 9/24/2007.