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Annotation 220.0040

220.0040 Community Property. Control and ownership of legal entities acquired as community property by husbands and wives should be treated in the same manner as acquisitions whereby husbands and wives take title as joint tenants, namely, as one-half interests owned and controlled by the husbands and as one-half interests owned and controlled by the wives. The fact of marriage cannot be used to attribute ownership of one spouse to that of the other so as to find that one spouse has directly and indirectly acquired more than 50 percent ownership in a legal entity. Thus, no single person has acquired control within the meaning of Revenue and Taxation Code section 64(c), and such transactions are excluded from reappraisal by section 64(a). LTA 3/5/1985 (No. 85/33); C 5/20/1996; C 4/1/1999; C 9/16/1999.