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Property Taxes Law Guide – Revision 2018

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Annotation 205.0010

205.0010 Agricultural Enterprises. The following types of property are eligible for the exemption:

1. Farm commodities held in storage for future sale.

2. Seeds held by a farmer for planting to be used in the production of a crop grown primarily for sale.

3. Feed held by a farmer for feeding to animals that are subject to the livestock head-day in-lieu tax.

4. Commercially prepared by-products, such as sugar beet pulp, almond hulls, and cotton seed hulls, that are held by the farmer and used as feed for animals used in the production of food or fiber useful to man.

5. Mink and other commercially-raised, fur-bearing animals.

6. Farm animals held for breeding purposes if their offspring are normally used as food for human consumption or for the production of fiber useful to man.

7. Farm animals used to work the farm if they are used in the raising of crops which are held for sale, or for the feeding, breeding, or management of livestock.

8. Felled timber lying in the woods on the lien date.

9. Trout in trout farms.

10. Oysters being grown in oyster beds.

11. Bees.

The following types of property are ineligible:

1. Insecticides, fuel and fertilizer held by a farmer for use.

2. Farm equipment held for sale by the farmer as used equipment.

3. Unharvested fruit on the trees.

4. Seeds held by a farmer for planting in order to produce a crop that will be used as feed for eligible animals.

5. Strawberry plants held for planting by a grower to produce strawberries for sale.

6. Asparagus roots held for planting.

7. Medicine separately purchased for mixing in feed for eligible livestock.

8. Dogs and cats held as pets.

9. Stallions and mares held for the production of offspring.

10. Show horses and racehorses, except that show horses held for sale in the normal course of business of the owner are eligible.

11. Pack animals used by a guide to pack campers into the mountains, except that pack animals leased to campers, directly under their control, and not otherwise used by their owner are eligible.

12. Plants grown by nurseries for the production of cut flowers. LTA 4/25/1980 (No. 80/69).