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Annotation 170.0105

170.0105 Subdivision Lots. When a new subdivision map is filed and new lot parcels are created, there are no grounds for reappraisal. The base-year value placed upon the lots should be an allocated portion of the prior base-year value of the acreage involved. It is the Board's position that value should be allocated to the portion of the property designated as streets and right-of-ways as well as to the lots and that the streets be separately parcelized and assessed. Allocation may be done in several ways, but in those instances where the lots are relatively equal in utility, a square-foot basis is preferred.

When official acceptance of the land, i.e., the right-of-way, by the governmental entity occurs, usually after the streets, gutters, etc., have been completed, such land/street area becomes exempt from taxation. As for the street improvements, it is the Board's position that the appraisal unit is the entire subdivision acreage until the lots and/or right-of-ways are actually transferred. Thus, the value of all improvements within the subdivision should be allocated over the entire subdivision, including both the lot and street parcels. Again, there are several possible methods of allocation, but in most instances, a square-foot allocation is preferred.

When street right-of-ways and improvements are accepted by the governmental entity, it is the Board's position that only the value of land and improvement allocated to the street parcel should be removed from the roll. The value of the street improvements previously allocated to the lots should remain on the roll even though the street improvements are actually located on the street parcel. LTA 6/5/1984 (No. 84/51).