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Annotation 170.0045

170.0045 Fractional Interests. Article XIII A, section 2, subdivision (a) requires a reassessment of real property upon its change in ownership. When a change in ownership occurs with respect to a fractional interest in real property, that fractional interest must be reassessed and any increase in value is added to the base year value of the subject real property.

Article XIII A, section 2, subdivision (b) authorizes a reduction in the full cash value base to reflect a decline in value. This subdivision has been implemented by the Legislature in Revenue and Taxation Code section 51, which does not authorize the separate assessment of fractional interests in real property for purposes of reflecting a decline in value, unless such a fractional interest constitutes an appraisal unit that persons in the market place commonly buy and sell as a unit, or that are normally valued separately. C 6/9/1998.