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Annotation 170.0039

170.0039 Fixtures. An item of personalty may be characterized as a fixture or as personal property depending on how that item is attached to the real property and the intent of the owner. If the appraiser classifies the item as a fixture, it becomes real property. As real property, assessors are required to establish a base year value upon a change in ownership or new construction. However, the assessment treatment of fixtures differs in three areas: (1) fixtures may be a separate appraisal unit when measuring declines in value; (2) fixtures are treated differently than other real property for supplemental roll purposes; and (3) fixtures and personal property values are components in the value criterion for determination of a mandatory audit. Other than these three areas, fixtures are subject to the same constitutional, statutory, and regulatory provisions affecting the valuation and assessment of other real property. C 11/23/2005.