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Annotation 170.0015

170.0015 Base Year Values. An assessor's intentional assessment of only a portion of a property on the false assumption that the omitted portion is state-assessed does not constitute a clerical error. Upon discovery of the omission, the assessor must determine a base year value pursuant to Revenue and Taxation Code section 51.5(a). The omission does not involve the exercise of the assessor's judgment as to value. Rather, the base year value was omitted due to a mistake of fact as to assessability.

The error may be corrected pursuant to the provisions of Revenue and Taxation Code section 532 with the making of appropriate escape assessments for each year open under the statute of limitations. Since the escape assessments were or will be made outside the regular assessment period, the assessee will be able to file applications for equalization within 60 days after notification of the assessments as provided by Revenue and Taxation Code section 1605. C 5/26/1989.