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160.0000 ASSESSEE

Annotation 160.0004

160.0004 Computer Program Storage Media. Revenue and Taxation Code section 995 provides that storage media for computer programs are assessable for property tax purposes and should be valued as if there were no computer programs on them, except basic operational programs. Computer programs, even basic operational programs, existing separately from the storage media cannot be assessed. Therefore, pursuant to Revenue and Taxation Code section 405(a), the assessor can make assessments only to the persons owning, claiming, possessing or controlling storage media on the lien date. If the storage media is leased, the assessor has the option of making the assessment to the owner (lessor), to the lessee, or to both the lessor and lessee of the storage media as provided by Revenue and Taxation Code section 405(b). LTA 4/30/1996 (No. 96/29).