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Annotation 125.0030

125.0030 Training. The following sources of training have proved to be acceptable over the years:

1. Formal appraisal courses presented by nationally recognized appraisal societies and associations (such as the AIREA, IAAO, SREA, SGA, etc.). We have included a list of approved courses and a standard number of hours of credit for each.

2. Certain seminars or workshops presented by the same appraisal societies.

3. Appraisal and real estate related courses offered by University of California extension (real estate certificate program), state colleges and universities, and community colleges (real estate certificate program).

4. Locally conducted assessor's training programs. These include State Board of Equalization courses that have been approved for local presentations and courses designed to meet the needs of a specific assessor's staff.

The State Board of Equalization's Assessment Standards Division is responsible for approving courses and assigning the numbers of hours of credits therefor. LTA 4/3/1979 (No. 79/69).