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Chapter 6. Financial Provisions

Article 6. Taxation*

Section 33670.95

33670.95. Orange County; redevelopment agency payment. (a) The board of supervisors of a county of the second class may, upon adoption of a resolution or resolutions approved by a majority of all of its members, provide for the repayment by the county's redevelopment agency of its debt to the county for general and specific benefits previously provided by the county to redevelopment project areas within the county. Such resolution or resolutions may provide for the transfer of (1) amounts equal to four million dollars ($4,000,000) a year in two equal installments on June 15 and February 15 of each year and (2) such additional amounts, at such times as are specified in the resolution or resolutions, as may be necessary to assure full repayment of the debt, provided that those additional amounts shall not exceed, in the aggregate, the sum of any amounts required to be repaid by the county to the redevelopment agency pursuant to, or as a consequence of, the final determination described in subdivision (c).

(b) A redevelopment agency of a county of the second class shall not incur any obligation with respect to loans, advances of money, or indebtedness, whether funded, refunded, assumed, or otherwise, that would impair its ability to make the transfers described in subdivision (a) or that would cause those transfers to violate Section 16 of Article XVI of the California Constitution or subdivision (b) of Section 33670. Funds allocated to low-and moderate-income housing pursuant to Section 33334.2 shall not be used for purposes of this section.

(c) This section shall become operative on the earlier of the date that a court of appellate jurisdiction renders a final determination invalidating Chapter 745 of the Statutes of 1995 or the date of a court action suspending or preventing the operation of any provision of Chapter 745. This section shall become inoperative on July 1, 2016, and, as of January 1, 2017, is repealed, unless a later enacted statute, that becomes operative on or before January 1, 2017, deletes or extends the dates on which it becomes inoperative and is repealed.

History.—Added by Stats. 1998, Ch. 724 (AB 2699), in effect January 1, 1999.

* Repealed and added by Stats. 1963, p. 3677, in effect September 20, 1963. Had the effect of renumbering the article and sections and repealed former Section 33954 relating to the operative date of the former article.