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CHAPTER 2. Counties and Cities

Article 2.6. County Theatrical Schools and Institutes*

Section 5141.1

5141.1. Leases; net revenue; charitable exemption; transfer of assets on termination. A lease or sublease entered into pursuant to subdivision (c) of Section 5140 shall provide that the net revenue, if any, from the operation and use of the facilities, remaining after the payment of any expenses and costs for maintenance, operation, or management, payment of interest and principal upon any loans made to the nonprofit corporation or association for purposes of maintenance, operation, or management, or any other expenses, and after providing maintenance and operation reserves, shall be paid at least annually to the county. Notwithstanding Section 231 of the Revenue and Taxation Code, all buildings, structures, and facilities, together with the land upon which they are situated, and so much of the surrounding land as is required for their use and occupation, operated by a nonprofit association or corporation pursuant to the operating lease or sublease, shall be exempt from taxation within the meaning of "charitable purposes" in subdivision (b) of Section 4 of Article XIII of the California Constitution. The lease or sublease shall provide that, upon its expiration and after payment or discharge of its indebtedness and liabilities, all of the assets of the nonprofit association or corporation shall be transferred to the county.

History.—Stats. 2006, Ch. 538 (SB 1852), in effect January 1, 2007, substituted "A" for "Any such" before "lease or sublease" and added a comma between "operation" and "or management" twice in the first sentence, deleted "the provisions of" after "Notwithstanding", deleted "such" after "Code, all", added a comma between "structures" and "and facilities", substituted "the" for "any such" after "corporation pursuant to", substituted "subdivision (b) of Section 4 of Article XIII of the California Constitution" for "Section 1c of Article XIII of the Constitution of California" after " "charitable purposes" in" in the second sentence, and substituted "The" for "Any Such" before "lease or sublease" in the third sentence of the first paragraph.

* Article 2.6 added by Stats. 1969, p. 2706, in effect November 10, 1969.