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Property Taxes Law Guide – Revision 2010

Government Code Provisions

Provisions Relating to the California Land Conservation Act of 1965 (The Williamson Act)

Chapter 7. Agricultural Land*

Article 6. Eminent Domain or Other Acquisition

Section 51290

51290. State or local public improvements within preserve. (a) It is the policy of the state to avoid, whenever practicable, the location of any federal, state, or local public improvements and any improvements of public utilities, and the acquisition of land therefor, in agricultural preserves.

(b) It is further the policy of the state that whenever it is necessary to locate such an improvement within an agricultural preserve, the improvement shall, whenever practicable, be located upon land other than land under a contract pursuant to this chapter.

(c) It is further the policy of the state that any agency or entity proposing to locate such an improvement shall, in considering the relative costs of parcels of land and the development of improvements, give consideration to the value to the public, as indicated in Article 2 (commencing with Section 51220), of land, and particularly prime agricultural land, within an agricultural preserve.

History.—Stats. 1998, Ch. 690 (SB 1835), in effect January 1, 1999, substituted "federal, state," for "state" in subdivision (a); added "an" after "locate such" and substituted "the" for "such" after "preserve," in subdivision (b); and added "the" before "development" and substituted commas for parenthesis around the phrase "and particularly prime agricultural land" in subdivision (c).

* Unless otherwise noted Chapter 7 was added by Stats. 1965, p. 3377, in effect September 17, 1965.