Laws, Regulations & Annotations

Business Taxes Law Guide – Revision 2018

Water Rights Fee Law

Division 2 Water

Part 2 Appropriation of Water

Chapter 8. Water Rights Fee

Article 2. Collection and Enforcement

Section 1535

1535. Fee requirement. (a) Any fee subject to this chapter that is required in connection with the filing of an application, registration, request, statement, or proof of claim, other than an annual fee required after the period covered by the initial filing fee, shall be paid to the board.

(b) If a fee established under subdivision (b) of Section 1525, Section 1528, or Section 13160.1 is not paid when due, the board may cancel the application, registration, petition, request, statement, or claim, or may refer the matter to the State Board of Equalization for collection of the unpaid fee.