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Article 9.5 Timber Regulation and Forest Restoration Fund

Section 4629.8

4629.8. Appropriation of funds. (a) Funds deposited in the deletionfund shall be appropriated in accordance with the following priorities:

(1) First priority shall be for funding associated with the administration and delivery of responsibilities identified in subdivisions (a) to (c), inclusive, of Section 4629.6.

(2) Only after paragraph (1) is funded, the second priority shall be, if deposits are sufficient in future years to maintain the fund, by 2016, at a minimum reserve of four million dollars ($4,000,000), for use and appropriation by the Legislature in years during which revenues to the account are projected to fall short of the ongoing budget allocations for support of the activities identified in paragraph (1).

(3) Only after paragraphs (1) and (2) are funded, the third priority shall be in support of activities designated in subdivisions deletion(d) to (f), inclusive, of Section 4629.6.

(4) Only after paragraphs deletion(1) to (3), inclusive, are funded, the fourth priority shall be to support the activities designated in subdivisions (g) deletionto (i), inclusive, of Section 4629.6.

(b) Funds shall not be used to pay for or reimburse any requirements, including mitigation of a project proponent or applicant, as a condition of any permit.

History—Added by Stats. 2012, Ch. 289 (AB 1492), in effect September 11, 2012. Stats. 2014, Ch. 35 (SB 861), in effect June 20, 2014, substituted "(d), (e), and (f)" for "(d) and (e)" after "designated in subdivisions" in paragraph (3) of, and substituted "(g)" for "(f)" and "(h)" for "(g)" after "designated in subdivisions" in paragraph (4) of, subdivision (a); and substituted "Funds shall not" for "No funds shall" in subdivision (b). Stats. 2016, Ch. 340 (SB 839), in effect September 13, 2016, substituted "fund" for "Timber Regulation and Forest Restoration Fund" after "Funds deposited in the" in subdivision (a); substituted "(d) to (f), inclusive," for "(d), (e), and (f)" in paragraph (3) of subdivision (a); substituted "(1) to (3), inclusive," for "(1), (2), and (3)", deleted "and (h)", and added "to (i), inclusive," after "designated in subdivisions (g)" in paragraph (4) of subdivision (a).