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Business Taxes Law Guide – Revision 2018

Hazardous Waste Fee Health and Safety Code


Article 2. Definitions

Section 25117.9.1

25117.9.1. "Notice to comply." "Notice to comply" means a written method of alleging a minor violation which is in compliance with all of the following requirements:

(a) The notice to comply is written in the course of conducting an inspection of a facility by an authorized representative of the department or by a local officer or agency authorized to enforce this chapter pursuant to subdivision (a) of Section 25180.

(b) A copy of the notice to comply is presented to a person who is an owner or employee of the facility being inspected at the time that the notice to comply is written.

(c) The notice to comply clearly states the nature of the alleged minor violation, a means by which compliance with the permit conditions, rule, regulation, standard, or other requirement cited by the inspector may be achieved, and a time limit in which to comply, which shall not exceed 30 days.

(d) The notice to comply shall contain the information specified in subdivision (h) of Section 25187.8 with regard to inspection of the facility.