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Spent Solvents from Printed Circuit Board Manufacture

Spent Solvents from Printed Circuit Board Manufacture

A manufacturer of printed circuit boards sends spent solvents through a recycling and cleaning process via pipeline and tanks. The recycled solvent is then used again in the manufacturing process. The spent solvent would normally be considered a hazardous waste, but in this situation it is recyclable material which is used at the site at which it was generated. If the solvent is covered by RCRA, it would not qualify for exemption from generator fees under section 25143.2 of the Health and Safety Code because it is cleaned before being reused. However, the solvent is exempt under section 25205.5(d) because it is recycled and used on site. 8/25/89. (Am 2003-1). (Note: subdivision (d) has been renumbered.)